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Who would have thought that recreational boating in the great Northwest could be affected by so many changes since 9/11? To be sure, we have been impacted and the changes just keep coming. RBAW is in full support of the boater’s role in Homeland Security and we at RBAW are doing our best to keep up with all the new rules for boaters and keep you informed. Be sure to monitor this Web site often as well as Web sites from other Northwest boating sources, The Waggoner online ( and Northwest Boat Travel (

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Download - "DSC - Digital Selective Calling - Today's SOS" Brochure
Download - "Cell Phone Brochure - Only You Can Take the Search out of
Search and Rescue"
JLARC - Report on "Activities Supporting Recreational Boating in Washington"   
(78 pages)
Orion Issues Recall Notice for Hand-Launched Aerial Signals
Mustang Survival PFD Recall Notice
Dept. of Energy: E15 Causes "Severe Damage" to Marine Engines
Discover Pass Now Available
Local Notice to Mariners: USCG Alert - Shoaling in the Swinomish Channel
Coast Guard Considers Mandating Adult Life Jacket Wear
Vessel Regulations to Protect Puget Sound Killer Whales
WDFW Cautions Boat Owners to Steer Clear of Orca Whales
Passports Required for Returning Boaters to the USA
Washington Boating Alliance Unites Boating Organizations
NEXUS Reporting Procedures
U.S. Customs (CBP) Small Boat Clearance
SENATE RES. 8624 Recognizes RBAW For 50 Years of Service to Boaters