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Status of eLoran System as a Backup for and Complement to GPS

Since this was last reported on, there has been considerable progress in providing a new Enhanced LORAN system, called eLoran.  The new eLoran will provide high powered and nearly unjammable signals as an excellent backup to GPS and not subject to the vagaries of space warfare or asteroids.  If something happened to GPS, eLoran could provide, relatively inexpensively, the positioning information needed for navigation and the timing data crucial to the power grid, cell phones, financial networks and the internet.
Jamming is certainly the GPS problem, as has been apparent since 2010, when North Korea started jamming South Korea’s GPS system.  In 2012, it was reported that during North Korean jamming, 1,016 airplanes and 254 ships were affected.  So South Korea, realizing the importance of a complementary navigation and timing system has implemented eLoran to cover all of Southeast Asia.  Also, with the cooperation of China and Russia, South Korea hopes to expand coverage to all of Northeast Asia.  The Initial Operational Capability (IOC) is expected in 2016.  The U.K., easily the most active of the eLoran countries, has been broadcasting eLoran signals, 24/7 for nearly three years.  Also, Saudi Arabia announced plans some time ago to upgrade its Loran C system to eLoran.
In the U.S., some progress is being made, a few bills have been introduced which should cause further progress.  On December 8, 2015, Rep. Duncan Hunter introduced H.R. 4188, the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015.  Section 612 of the bill provides new guidance and authority concerning “Disposition of Infrastructure Related to E-LORAN.”  Rep. Duncan has scheduled a hearing February 4, headlined “Finding Your Way: The Future of Federal Aids to Navigation, which may include eLoran as one of the topics to be discussed.  Also Rep. John Caramendi introduced H.R. 1678, the National Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Resilience and Security Act of 2015.  The bill proposes that, “The Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Commandant of the Coast Guard and the Secretary of Transportation, shall provide for the establishment, sustainment and operation of a reliable land-based positioning, navigation, and timing system to provide a complement to and backup for GPS, to ensure the availability of uncorrupted or non-degraded positioning, navigation, and timing signals for military and civilian users if GPS signals are corrupted, degraded, unreliable or otherwise unavailable.”
With these two bills and the scheduled hearing, we are hopeful a backup system is developed for GPS, to help ensure our safety and security.